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  1. 1/4-20 Accessory Mount for DJI Ronin-m

    1/4-20 Accessory Mount for DJI Ronin-m


    This is a CNC machined, aluminum mount that allows you to mount any 1/4-20 accessory on to your DJI Ronin-m Brushless Gimbal or any other 25mm diameter rod. Use it to mount a ball mount for an external monitor or anything else you might need to add on to your gimbal system.

    <li>100% CNC machined aluminum made in USA</li>
    <li>Stainless steel fasteners</li>
    <li>Fits DJI Ronin-m or any other 25mm diameter round bar</li>
    <li>Mounts one accessory with 1/4-20 thread</li>
    <li>Lifetime warranty</li>

    Learn More
  2. 77mm Filter Thread Adapter Kowa C-Mount 6mm f/1.8

    77mm Filter Thread Adapter Kowa C-Mount 6mm f/1.8


    This adapter allows you to mount 77mm round filters on your Kowa C-Mount 6mm f/1.8 lens. Simply thread your filter on to the adapter, slide the adapter over the lens’ hood and shoot.


    <li>CNC machined in the USA from high quality Delrin plastic</li>

    <li>Secure, press fit on to the Kowa 6mm f/1.8 lens</li>

    <li>Accepts 77mm filters (larger filters can be used with step rings)</li>

    <li>Lifetime Warranty</li> Learn More
  3. DIY Rail Mount

    DIY Rail Mount


    New and Improved! The new V2 DIY rail mount features a smaller profile and more refined look. Also, thinner walls means they are much more effective at clamping down onto your rails.

    They are made of high quality Delrin plastic and are a perfect solution for your DIY project. You can very easily drill, tap, machine and sand the material to suit your project's needs.

    Use a 1/4-20 screw and nut to secure to your rails.

    NOTE: A rail mount is included with each D|Focus V3. These are offered as a mounting solution for DIY projects.

    Includes a one year limited warranty. Learn More
  4. D|Crank



    The D|Crank is a standard speed crank for your D|Focus. Used for quick pulls from close focus to infinity or to help the operator with rack focus moves.

    Constructed of Delrin with a steel arm. Learn More
  5. D|Focus Aluminum Knob Upgrade

    D|Focus Aluminum Knob Upgrade


    Upgrade your D|Focus to the new CNC Machined Aluminum Knob. This knob is compatible with all version of the D|Focus and includes a 3D marking disc and 1/16" hex key for installation. Learn More
  6. D|Focus V4 Quick Release Upgrade

    D|Focus V4 Quick Release Upgrade


    This is an optional upgrade for the D|Focus V4 only.

    For those that may prefer the convenience of a spring loaded, dual rod mount for their follow focus, we are happy to now offer this as an upgrade for the D|Focus V4. To install, simply remove the single rod clamp of your D|Focus V4 and attach this new quick release mount. The new QR mount is made 100% of CNC machined aluminum in the USA and is backed by D|Focus System's lifetime warranty. Learn More
  7. D|Matte Upgrade Kit

    D|Matte Upgrade Kit


    Upgrade your clip-on D|Matte to the D|Matte Complete with a 15mm rod support and side flags. This kit includes everything you need to install side flags and a 15mm, swing away rod support to your D|Matte.


    <li>Sturdy, adjustable aluminum side flags</li>
    <li>15mm rod support with swing away and height adjustment</li>
    <li>Easy to install, just watch the tutorial video below</li> Learn More
  8. D|Mount



    <p><i>You know how sometimes you want the added functionality of a follow focus but just don’t want to mess with a bulky 15mm rail system?</i> -- The D|Focus V4 and new D|Mount seek to solve that dilemma with a simple, single rail and baseplate mounting system. The new D|Mount uses a single, 15mm rod extending from the side of the camera to mount your D|Focus V4 (or most other single rod mount follow focuses.) The position of the rod is adjustable, side-to-side, so it should work with most DSLR or mirror-less camera bodies. </p>
    <p>The baseplate also features anit-rotation locking pins for most popular Canon DSLR bodies and can double as a mount for your Zacuto Z-Finder frame if you use one. It’s pretty light too, only 4.5 ounces. Oh and GH1 and GH2 users, we haven’t forgotten about you. The new D|Mount baseplate clears the battery door on those cameras (unlike seemingly most other baseplates out there) so you won’t have to remove the camera to get the battery out.</p>

    Available as a bundle with the D|Focus V4 and D|Gear <a href="">D|Mount Bundle</a>

    <li>All CNC aluminum construction</li>
    <li>Includes a 6 inch, 15mm rod, long enough for most lenses </li>
    <li>Anti-rotation locking pins for most popular Canon DSLRs</li>
    <li>Compatible with the D|Focus V4 and most other single rod mount follow focuses. It will even work with the D|Zoom</li>
    <li>Battery door clearance for the Panasonic GH1 and GH2</li>
    <li>Compatible with the Zacuto Z-Finder mounting frames</li>
    <li>Standard 1/4-20” tripod mount</li>
    <li>Lightweight, just 4.5 ounces.</li> Learn More
  9. D|Mount Ronin-m

    D|Mount Ronin-m


    Unlock the full potential of your DJI Ronin-m with our D|Mount Ronin-m! This universal mounting plate allows you to mount your Ronin-m to a tripod, car, quadcopter, helicopter, drone, motorcycle, airplane, or anything else you can imagine. Simply mount the D|Mount Ronin-m to your object of choice using one or more of the many 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 threaded holes, remove your DJI Ronin-m's handles and slide it into the dovetail slot on the D|Mount. It will lock down securely using a standard hex key. Like all other D|Focus products, the D|Mount Ronin-m is 100% made in the USA and includes a lifetime warranty.

    - 100% CNC machined from aluminum in the USA
    - Eleven 1/4-20 and two 3/8-16 threaded mounting holes
    - Safety pin hole to prevent the Ronin-m from sliding out before locking down
    - Dovetail slot fits the DJI Ronin-m
    -Locks down using a standard hex key
    - Lightweight, just 3 ounces (85 grams)
    - Measures 2.87 x 2.14 x 0.615 inches
    - Lifetime warranty
    Learn More
  10. D|Support (original)

    D|Support (original)


    D|Support is a simple, height adjustable, lens support for SLR lenses. It uses a single 1/4-20" screw and Velcro strap to provide an additional point of stability for your camera / lens.

    DSLR cameras typically only have one mounting point. This can be problematic when using a follow focus because the lens will want to shift while focusing, even with a very sturdy baseplate. This issue is especially problematic with long, telephoto lenses. The D|Support can help prevent this "image shift" by providing an additional mounting point for your camera / lens combo.


    <li>Made of durable delrin and stainless steel.</li>
    <li>Adjustable height and Velcro strap to fit a large variety of SLR lenses and camera rig combos.</li>
    <li>Compatible with standard 15mm rail systems</li>
    <li>Made in the USA</li>

    <i>Note - The D|Support uses a 5/8" wide Velcro strap for clenching. Not all SLR lenses will have room for the strap. Please take a look at and, if necessary, measure your lens to ensure compatibility before ordering.</i> Learn More

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