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A new product for 2012, the D|Cage is a Cinema cage designed specifically for the Panasonic GH2. Built entirely of CNC machined aluminum, the D|Cage features plenty of 1/4-20" mounting holes, camera anti-rotation pins, battery door access and an HDMI cable clamp. This form fitting cage was specifically designed to "cinema-ize" the GH2 while still allowing access to all the camera's controls, battery door and memory card without having to remove the camera from the cage.


  • 100% CNC machined aluminum construction
  • Compact, form fitting design. Made specifically to fit the GH2 like a glove
  • Full access to all of the camera's controls, buttons, battery and memory card doors
  • Plenty of 1/4-20" threads on the top and both sides of the cage
  • Weighs 13 oz
  • HDMI Cable clamp included
  • Hot shoe clamp for an even more secure camera mount

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