D|Focus Version 2


The world’s first truly affordable follow focus system just got a whole lot better! The new D|Focus Version 2 offers a redesigned gearbox for a more refined look and greatly improved performance. The original D|Focus made follow focuses available to all film makers, the D|Focus V2 brings pro-level follow focus performance (near zero backlash and user-adjustable gearbox tension) to all film makers! 



The D|Focus is manufactured 100% in the USA using the latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Numeric Control (CNC) technology. It is constructed using high quality Delrin™ and Aluminum for strength, durability and light weight.


  • New tension adjustable gearing allows the user to customize how tightly the miter gears mesh. This allows for almost zero backlash!
  • Compatible with industry standard 15 mm Rods
  • Compatible with all industry standard 32 pitch (0.8 mod) lens gears including the New D|Focus | JAG35 Pro Lens Gears
  • Industry standard accessory port on the knob for whips and cranks
  • Comfort grip rubberized knob
  • Single point of adjustment and tensioning onto your rail system
  • Reversible gearplate – Set it up on either side of your camera
  • 1:1 reversible gearing – Changes the direction of drive gear travel. Great when changing to lenses with reversed focus rings (ie. Canon to Nikon)
  • End user serviceable and upgradeable design
  • Optional Marking Disc upgrade (sold separately)
  • Weight 8.4 oz


Shipping & Handling Charges:

United States: $10.00

Canada & Mexico: $16.00

All other countries: $22.00

(Additional shipping charges apply for multiple lens gears)

Inventory Status:


$119.99 (no Lens Gear)

Plus Shipping & Handling

$144.99 (one Lens Gear)

$166.99 (Two Lens Gears)

$185.99 (Three Lens Gears)

Optional Marking Disc



Detailed Photos

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