D|Focus Version 2 Upgrade

$39.99 or $59.99

Upgrade your first generation D|Focus to the new V.2 with this kit. Includes the necessary mounts and hardware to get you up and running. Available with or without a new knob (with accessory port.) for those with older D|Focuses that did not feature the accessory port.


Kit Includes

  • V2 Gearplate
  • V2 Compatible mount and necessary screws
  • New threaded drive shaft and tension adjustment locknut
  • Spare set of miter gears
  • Dive and knob shaft washers
  • Optional Acessory port compatible knob and knob shaft
  • Necessary tools to complete the upgrade
  • Upgrade instructions [.pdf]

    Don't want to upgrade youself? No problem! Just send your origional D|Focus in and we will upgrade it for you at no charge! Please contact ahead of time to arrange the details if you want to go this rout.

    Not sure if you want to upgrade yourself or send it in? Check the Upgrade Instructions [.pdf] to get an idea of the procedure.


Shipping & Handling Charges:

United States: $5.00

Canada & Mexico: $12.00

All other countries: $15.00

Inventory Status:



$59.99 (With Knob)

Plus Shipping & Handling

Add Knob Upgrade

Detailed Photos

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