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An all new product for 2011, the D|Matte follows in the D|Focus V3's footsteps providing a professional style tool at a price the hobbyist can afford. The D|Matte was specifically designed with DSLR lenses in mind featuring two 4 x 4 filter slots, one rotating and includes an adjustable French flag. Available as a clip-on model only at launch, however an adjustable, swing away, rail mount will be available at a later date. Optional side flags will also be coming at a later date.


  • Made of durable ABS plastic and aluminum
  • Two 4 x 4 filter slots, one rotating
  • Very lightweight, just 9 ounces with French Flag.
  • Clip on design, rail mount option coming soon
  • Adjustable French Flag included
  • One year limited warranty.
  • NOTE: The D|Matte ships with an 82mm adapter ring. A step ring is needed to mount the D|Matte to a lens with a different filter thread. Step rings are not included.

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