D|Focus V2


The new D|Focus Version 2 offers a redesigned gearbox for a more refined look and greatly improved performance. The original D|Focus made follow focuses available to all film makers, the D|Focus V2 brings pro-level follow focus performance (near zero backlash and user-adjustable gearbox tention) to all film makers!

The $119.99 Follow Focus!

D|Focus v2 Upgrade

$39.99 or $59.99

Upgrade your first generation D|Focus to the new V.2 with this kit. Includes the necessary mounts and hardware to get you up and running. Available with or without a new knob (with accessory port.) for those with older D|Focuses that did not feature the accessory port.

Just $39.99 or $59.99 with the upgraded knob

Pro Lens Gears

$29.99 each

With help from the JAG35 crew, we are finally able to bring you the new D|Focus | JAG35 Universal Pro Lens Gears! They are professionally injection molded, designed and built 100% in the USA!

Just $29.99 each or $79.99 for a set of 3!

Marking Disc


Optional add on to the D|Focus. Order at the same time as the D|Focus and it will be installed for you. Or order the D|Focus without the Marking Disc and you can always add it on later.


DSLR Mount


Want to use a D|Focus with a DSLR camera like the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D or Panasonic Lumix GH1 but don't want to add a bulky and expensive rail system?

$49.99 No Rail System Necessary!

DIY Rail Mount V2

$20 each

Made of high quality Delrin plastic and are a perfect solution for your DIY project. You can very easily drill, tap, machine and sand the material to suit your project's needs. New Version!

$20 each


Coming Soon

A Standard Speed Crank for the D|Focus V2 coming soon!


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