The D|Riser is a riser and offset block to raise the height of the standard D|Focus V3 gearbox.  The D|Focus V3 has a low profile design for a light weight and space saving configuration but in some cases it may be necessary to raise the height of the D|Focus V3.

You will NOT need the D|Riser if you are using the D|Gears with a standard rail mount (with a rod center – to – camera lens center distance of 85mm.)

There are 2 sizes, both included in the package.  The Short D|Riser is primarily for use with Zip style lens gears like those sold by Zacuto or Shoot35 with small diameter lenses.  If you have a large diameter lens, like the Canon 70 – 200 f/2.8L and are using zip style lens gears, you will NOT need a D|Riser.

The Tall D|Riser is primarily for use with battery grips where the camera lens is much higher than the standard rail height of 85mm.

The Short D|Riser may also help in certain configurations when using the D|Mount.




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