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Street Runner Bundle*

Equipped with the Jag35 DSLR Stand with 8-inch rods, D|Focus V3, D|Crank, and a D|Gear, this lightweight rig has the capability of allowing you to mount many accessories such as a D|Matte or D|Zoom and much more. It has three points of contact by having one hand on our handle, the chest pad on your chest and your focusing hand on the follow focus. The entire rig is endlessly adjustable and can fit your unique needs. *Camera not included.



Field Runner Bundle*

The Field Runner Bundle is a low-cost, light-weight, and highly ergonomic offset shoulder rig for DSLR shooters on a budget or on the go. Shooters who use the camera's LCD display with or without a viewfinder for monitoring prefer the Field Runner Bundle because it places the camera in front of the face. Equipped with the Jag35 Field Runner with 8-inch Rods, D|Focus, D|Crank, and a D|Gear, the Field Runner Bundle is ideal for traveling shooters who need a compact - yet full-featured - rig and shooters on a budget who need a rig today that can grow tomorrow. *Camera not included.



Austin Rig Bundle*

The Austin Rig Bundle is a compact, full-featured, offset shoulder rig that excels for the shooter who uses the rear screen on the camera for monitoring and who operates the follow focus themselves while shooting. The Austin Rig Bundle, equipped with the Jag35 Austin Rig with 8-inch rods, D|Focus, D|Crank, and a D|Gear, features JAG35's double-offset counter weight system that provides exceptional roll axis balance and stability. *Camera not included.



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